ZEX™ Dual Nozzle EFI Nitrous System

ZEX™ Dual Nozzle EFI Nitrous System

Specially designed wet nitrous system delivers 75 to 175 additional horsepower for any dual throttle body EFI engine.

Although nitrous is one of the easiest ways to add race winning horsepower to your engine, it can oftentimes be difficult with certain applications, particularly for vehicles equipped with dual throttle body engines. In the past, these vehicle owners have had to fight with making universal type nitrous kits fit and perform well.

ZEX™ has solved this problem by developing an innovative wet nitrous system designed specifically for any dual throttle body EFI engine. Two nozzles, dual feed lines, all required hoses, wires and fittings have been engineered and manufactured for a perfect fit on any dual throttle body engine. Power settings are fully adjustable from 75 to 175 horsepower with the included tuning jets.

In addition to perfect fit and ease of installation, the new ZEX™ Dual Nozzle EFI Nitrous System incorporates the most technically advanced performance features available, including the patented ZEX™ Active Fuel Control™. This innovative performance and safety feature automatically adjusts the nitrous fuel enrichment so your engine never runs too rich or too lean. In addition, the ZEX™ nitrous system features a throttle-by-wire compatible electronic TPS switch for perfect nitrous activation at wide-open throttle. You simply won't find a better looking, more powerful or easy-to-install nitrous system on the market.

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