Project Vehicles


Cody’s Project Busa


My 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 uses polished or chrome plated parts throughout, including chrome wheels, chrome grips, chrome triple tree, caps, rotors and extensions. In addition, I polished the frame, swing arm, pegs and bar ends. I run a 200 tire on the back, along with a chrome drag chain, and I have lowered the bike two inches in total, in both the front and back. Clear turn signals have been added to both the front and rear, along with a custom blue chrome windscreen, Acumen gear indicator and shift light and a TRE. The Hayabusa has a K & N filter, synthetic fluids, Galfer brake and clutch lines, along with a full Pingle electric shifter. To top it off, I installed the ZEX™ Sport Bike Nitrous System currently jetted for a 40 hp shot. I also installed the ZEX™ Purge System, and I’m planning on installing a blue ZEX™ LED purge light soon.

On the dyno using nitrous, the best pull delivered 192 hp at the tire; a 36 hp gain over baseline. Along with the added horsepower, it also put out an unbelievable 123 ft. lbs. of torque; 24 more than my baseline. I have been so happy with the ZEX™ system, I definitely think it's a step above all others!