Diesel Nitrous System

  • Works w/ any EFI diesel engine
  • Adjustable from 35-to-200 additional HP
  • Reduces turbo lag & greatly cools both inlet air temps & exhaust temps for additional power & engine safety
  • A complete nitrous system; Everything is included for a safe, proper installation
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 Diesel Nitrous System

The ZEX™ Diesel Nitrous System adds power with no additional tuning but really comes alive when used in tandem with other diesel engine performance components, such as power programmers and high-flow exhaust systems. By more thoroughly burning the increased volume of diesel fuel entering the engine, the ZEX™ Diesel Nitrous System boosts power, reduces exhaust gas temperatures and cools the air inlet charge for any EFI diesel engine.


  • Adjustable from 35-200 HP w/ supplied tuning jets; Mild-to-wild performance

  • A complete nitrous system; Includes everything for a safe & proper installation

  • Reduces turbo lag & greatly cools inlet air & exhaust temps for additional power & engine safety

  • Includes 10 lb nitrous bottle (w/ brackets), nitrous solenoid, electronic throttle activation switch & all necessary plumbing & electrical connectors

  • Easy, single afternoon installation