Polaris RZR Nitrous System With 5 lb. Bottle

Add 10-25 horsepower to your Polaris RZR with the safe and completely adjustable ZEX™ nitrous system.

Looking for the ultimate, cost-effective power upgrade for your RZR? The new ZEX™ Polaris RZR Nitrous System is the first kit on the market that is custom engineered just for this side-by-side. It’s an easy-to-install, safe package that includes everything needed to add 10 to 25 extra mud slinging horsepower. The tailor-made kit includes the bottle, solenoids, injection nozzle and high pressure hoses, as well as custom fuel line quick connects for a simple install.

Designed for both stock and highly modified RZRs, the ZEX™ nitrous system features a patented Active Fuel Control™ nitrous nozzle that adjusts fuel flow as bottle pressure varies, ensuring the proper fuel enrichment so you’re never too rich or too lean. And unlike other systems, this high-tech nitrous system includes a full size 10 lb. bottle that lets you go all day without running out of nitrous.