Pro Safety Blow Down Kit (Fits All Valves)

  • Safely releases nitrous pressure in the event the bottle becomes over-heated / over-filled
  • Required by racetracks
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Racetracks require your nitrous bottle to be vented to the outside of your race car; Do it with the ultimate in function & show stopping good looks

With the new ZEX™ Pro Safety Blow-Down Kit, if your bottle is ever accidentally overfilled or overheated and the pressure safety disk bursts, the dangerous over-pressure will safely vent to the outside of the vehicle. All racetracks require these safety blow-down kits, so they are a must for the serious competitor. The ZEX™ Pro Safety Blow-Down Kit takes quality and appearance a step above the more commonly available metal tube style kits from other manufacturers. The ZEX™ kit fits all manufacturers’ valves and includes the correct bottle valve safety adapters, show polished AN fittings and 2 ft. of nylon braided, no-scratch vent line. This is a complete kit that makes installing this important safety item a simple task.


  • Safely vents nitrous to outside of race car if safety disk bursts

  • Legal safety blow-down kit for all sanctioning bodies

  • Includes valve safety adapters, polished AN fittings and nylon braided, no-scratch vent line

  • Compatible w/ all manufacturers nitrous valves