PRO-X Drag Race Torque Converter 10", Torqueflite 727 (3600-4200 Stall Range)

 727 PRO-X™ Torque Converter 10", Small Bolt Pattern


The TCI® PRO-X™ 9 & 10-Inch Race Converters are designed specifically for Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and Outlaw Street Car classes. Able to handle 2500 hp plus applications (including multi-stage, nitrous assisted, supercharged and twin turbocharged engines), these high strength torque converters feature a TCI® exclusive - HDT Coating™ (Heat Dissipating Technology™) - further enhancing their ability to deliver unsurpassed consistency and durability.


  • Hand-built steel stator
  • Forged mounting cover
  • 3 sets of heavy-duty internal bearings
  • Furnaced-brazed turbine and pump assembly
  • Built for Chrysler transmissions; six or for-bolt flanges and optional billet front available

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