Super StreetFighter Converter, 1972-80 Torqueflite 904-988

 1972-80 Torqueflite 904-988 Super StreetFighter™ Torque Converter


This line of performance converters was developed to work with many Chrysler, GM and Ford late model lock-up and non-lock-up transmissions. These transmissions can offer many advantages to performance enthusiasts, including lower initial gear ratios and overdrive gear for lower highway rpm and improved mpg. The Super StreetFighter™ lock-up series allows the car owner to have to 4000 RPM speeds (depending on application) while still enjoying all the benefits of a mechanical lock-up converter.

  • Furnace-brazed fins, needle bearings, hardened, pre-ground pump hub, computer balanced, installation hardware included

  • Higher RPM launches, quicker reaction times, lower elapsed times, better low- and mid-range power, 1500+ RPM increase in stall over stock

  • Built with 7/16" X 20 mounting lugs (Hemi style)