Xtreme Energy 4/7 Swap 240/246 Hydraulic Flat Cam for Chevrolet Small Block

Xtreme Energy™ 4/7 Swap 240/246 Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam for Chevy Small Block street/strip applications. 2800+ Stall, needs headers and gears. Rough idle.
  • For Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters; Fits '58-'021 262-400 cid Chevy Small Blocks2

  • Street/strip • 2800+ stall, needs headers & gear • Rough idle

  • 4 / 7 Swap Firing Order

1: Cams for '55-'57 engines can be custom ordered. Please Call, Email, Twitter or Live Chat for details.

2: The '87+ Chevy Small Block received provisions for roller lifters. Most '87 - '93 GM cars came with roller lifters, but most '87 - '95 trucks came with flat tappet lifters in roller lifter style blocks. If a roller cam is desired and your block has OEM-style roller cam provisions. COMP Hyd. Roller Lifter Install Kit for '87-'90 Blocks or '91-'02 Blocks can be purchased, as well as a '87+ OE-Style Hyd. Roller Cam and '87+ OE-Style Roller Lifters. Roller cam conversion in pre-'87 blocks requires Retro-Fit Hyd. Roller Cam and Retro-Fit Link Bar Lifters.